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Accept payments.

Deliver goods.

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New customer acquisition channel

Low commission for settlements

Sales Growth Tools

How it works?

Customers scan a QR code or follow the Pay with PickSell link and select product options and a delivery method.

You receive an order notification. Collecting an order.

After delivery, payment will be credited to your current account.

Be open for business and greet your first customer in under 2 hours.

Lightning fast and easy to start. Provide your company details and a bank account.

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Chargeback protection

Chargebacks are a problem for any business.

  • Picksell works with your banks directly so you are always protected and always secure.

  • All types of businesses are protected.

  • Eliminate dispute resolution and evidence submission costs.

  • This is 100% Free.


With GDPR, stronger rules on data protection mean: People have more control over their personal data and businesses benefit from a level playing field.

Picksell lets customers choose what data they share. The data they share does not impact the level of service our clients receive. Data is safe and secure, meaning your customers will be safe in the knowledge they are protected from interference and in control of their personal information.

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0.9% + €0.25

per payment

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0.7% + €0.25

per payment

  • Part of dashboard

  • Mobile shop

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0.4% + €0.25

per payment

  • Integration (CMS, CRM)

  • Messages

  • Full dashboard

  • New features

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Additional security, control, support

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Features included in our plans


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Staff accounts permissions management

1 account

1 account

5 accounts

15 accounts

Pay with Picksell widget

Basic dashboard

Basic notifications

Branded Shipping labels

Unlimited products

Advanced dashboard

Advanced marketing features

Advanced notifications

Branded Notifications to Customers

Bulk Products creation

Direct chat with Customer

Features updates

Store audit log

Custom Product options

Integration (CMS, CRM)


Basic delivery settings

Advanced delivery settings


Basic Picksell support

Basic Products management

Onboarding support

Advanced Picksell support

Advanced Products management

Using Open Bank standards, we are able to provide you with the best terms of service.

How it works

Reduced the cost of service

Protecting your data according to the SCA standards

Improved security

Excluded chargebacks

Expedited the refund process

Shake your business