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Launch your online store

Create an account and pass verification to launch mobile and web based sales
Connect your bank account to receive payments
Set up delivery options
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Start sales and accept payments instantly

Upload all items into your store
Get order notifications and prepare the items for delivery or pickup
Get paid directly into your bank account, quick and easy
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Boost sales and customer loyalty

Communicate with your customers via direct chats
Increase and drive sales over the line by finalizing abandoned shopping cart purchases
Increase sales by offering exclusive discounts

Open for business and receive payments in under 2 hours!

Lighting-fast and easy to launch! All you need to start is your company registration number and your bank account!
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Increase your online sales!

Mobile shopping is the fastest growing sales channel. Picksell's mobile app for customers makes your store accessible to anyone, local or global — and is fun, and easy to use! Sell the way your customers want you to!

Customers follow your showroom's account on Picksell — like they would any account on social media. You motivate, you create and you decide how to help them make the right choice!

Picksell brings new customers by recommending your store to relevant categories of Picksell app users.

Picksell's sales analytics tools will help you predict customer demand and preferences, so you can always offer exactly what your clients want.

A satisfied customer is always ready to come back for more! Picksell makes shopping convenient and safe, with secure payments, delivery choices and never a line at the counter! Your clients can even chat to you direct! Sell more with Picksell!

Picksell is a single point of entry — all your sales channels in one, easy to use app. Using Picksell, your client can now start shopping in-store, scan an item and pay for it when they get home.

Benefits for your

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Always there

A store that's always there - via the web or any smartphone device.

Simplified payments

No hidden fees, no deposits, no chargebacks, no processors. Get direct payments into your bank account.

More profits

Less than 1% per transaction and low subscription fees

Promote your items with QR-codes

Picksell generates a unique QR code for each product in your store. Share them on social media and with major influencers, or place on any surface for customers to scan and pay.

Sales growth tools

Retarget abandoned items in the shopping cart and drive those abandoned items over the line.

Access customer preferences and analytics, offer discounts and create special offers.

Improve customer experience

Direct online chats with clients to deliver the best customer service. Increase your loyalty and reward your favourite customers with discounts.

No delivery issues

Choose from some of the best international providers and get your items ready for delivery or pickup. See your entire order progress on one dashboard.


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Run your business safely

100% free chargeback protection

Chargebacks are a problem for any business.
Picksell works directly with your banks so you are always protected and secure.
All types of businesses are protected.
Alternative arbitration and dispute resolution system.
This is 100% Free.


With GDPR, stricter rules on data protection mean people have more control over their personal data and businesses benefit from a level playing field.

Picksell lets customers choose what data they share. The data they share does not affect the high standards of service provided to our clients. Data is safe and secure, meaning your customers can rest assured they are fully in control of their personal information and protected from any data misuse

For more information on Picksell's policies please conact:

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We are all about Open Banking, making sure you always get the best

  • Transaction fees less than 1%, no hidden fees
  • No chargebacks, no deposits, no acquiring, no intermediaries
  • Direct payments into bank account in maximum few hours
  • Data of your customers are protected in compliance with GDPR and SCA
  • Expedited the refund process
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