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PrestaShop PrestaShop Module for SEPA bank transfers acceptance
The most profitable and fastest way to accept payment in your store
€0 monthly
0.9% + €0.25 per payment
Quick receipt
0-3 days to receive money to your account
Why you should choose Picksell Pay
  • €0 monthly cost
  • Transaction fees less than 1%
  • No hidden fees, you pay only when you make a sale
  • No chargebacks, no deposits, no acquiring, no intermediaries
  • Expedited refunds
  • Everyday unlimited direct payments into your bank account
  • No bank cards, no need to enter long numbers
  • Fully GDPR and SCA compliant, customer data is always protected
Installation includes three main steps:
Registration and verification a Picksell Pay account
Explore the docs
To activate a Picksell Pay account you need go through several simple steps:
  • Register an account using your name and email address
  • Choose a Picksell Pay plan
  • Pass through basic company verification* (it requires your company registration number or your personal tax identification number If you are a freelancer or self-employed)
  • Fill in public info about your store, company or brand
  • Connect your bank account
You can pass the steps in any order on your convenience.
Follow the link below to get more information about activating a PicksellPay account, basic and full verification.
*To activate a PicksellPay account it's enough to pass a basic verification. After a sum of payments accepted by your store will overdraw 10000 EUR you will be asked to pass through extra couple steps required to complete full verification.
Setting up a Picksell Pay plugin in your PrestaShop
  • Go to Tokens Page and create Merchant token (Api key) and Private key (secret), Merchant ID
  • Go to the Wordpress Admin Page
  • In the left bar go to Improve → Modules → Module Manager → Upload a module → Choose this file
  • Enter created Merchant ID, Api Key and Api Secret (secret), click Save
After that Picksell Pay will be activated as your payment method. You can configure it from the module section of the admin interface. Our team would love to help if you would face any issues.
and go live!
Add any product to cart and go to the checkout page. You will find Picksell Pay option there. Finish the orders and perform the payment with bank transfer. After payment is done the order status in will be changed on completed.

Picksell Pay enables customers to make instant online payments with no risk for health and data. This contactless online payment method prevents personal interactions and ensuing health risks.

GDPR and SCA compliance means we keep data safe, customers can rest assured they are fully in control of their personal information and protected from any data misuse.

SEPA payments (or SEPA transfers) are electronic everyday payments that are processed within seconds and credited from one bank to another without any intermediary, regulated by The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). It's an efficient and cheap payment channel in EUR currency. The whole process is completed in under 10 seconds and both payer and payee receive immediate confirmation. SEPA Payments can be processed at any time, 24/7/365, always single payments, and every transfer is irrevocable.

In Germany alone, more than 6 billion online transfers were made in each of the last few years. They are therefore probably the most frequently used cashless payment method. Picksell Pay allows you to easily integrate SEPA transfers into your product's check-out process.

With Picksell Pay you always get the best available terms and conditions. We provide secure, cost-effective transactions for less than 1%, enabling you to accept payments directly into your bank account cheaper than credit card processing.

No hidden fees. Pay only when your customer makes a purchase.

No chargebacks, no deposits, no merchant acquiring means no ensuing challenges and costs.

Your customers are always safe and protected as Picksell is GDPR and SCA compliant.

Whether you’re a small- or medium-sized business, subscription business, online store, e-commerce platform, or marketplace, Picksell Pay will enable you to accept instant payments from customers online.

Picksell does not differentiate and is open to all compliant legal businesses.

We have ready-to-use integration for WooCommerce and many more popular platforms will be available soon. We are excited and hope you are too! Contact us, if you have any custom request, our team would be glad to discuss.


In case you have any questions or issues you can reach us via or by booking a call
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